More and more companies now brand themselves as “responsible” in order to attract investors, customers and employees. But there can be as many definitions of “responsible” as there are companies. We can help you clarify what is important to you and help you invest in companies that align with your preferences.

We also believe that responsibility begins at home. Ever since Accumulus Consulting was founded in 2001 we have aimed to meet the highest standards.

ESG Investments

The first ethical investors chose not to invest in certain industries such as tobacco and arms for reasons of conscience but increasingly investors perceive that a responsible approach to environmental and social issues and good governance can improve a company’s financial performance.

Many investors are using a range of environmental, social and governance measures to identify material risks and potential growth opportunities. These may arise from changing markets and corporate reputation.

It is always important to look behind the corporate branding to ensure that “responsibility” claims live up to their billing. As part of our process we discuss your investment preferences, taking into account individually the E, S & G of ESG investing. We are passionate about identifying your priorities and aligning you with the most suitable investment strategy.

Responsibility begins at home

At Accumulus Consulting we always put the best interest of our clients first and aim to deliver the highest levels of customer service.

We also look after our employees, with a flexible working environment that allows them to work around family commitments. As a result, we have a loyal and dedicated team that always goes the extra mile.

We aim to go above and beyond regulatory requirements in our industry and comply with the spirit as well as the letter of the law. When we employ interns we pay above the minimum wage via PAYE.
On a more domestic level we aim to minimise our impact on the environment by recycling office materials wherever possible and minimising energy and fossil fuel usage.

Overall, we are continuously looking to improve individually and as a team, whilst ensuring we hold true to our core values and delivering the best client care.

We are also proud to support The Knights Foundation which is based nearby in Camberley and provides support and gifts to disabled children, deprived children, seriously ill children and their families.


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