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The Accumulus consulting process

In order to provide comprehensive wealth management advice, we follow a process that allows us to identify your current financial position in relation to your desired financial position.

Knowing what you would like to achieve and protect, we review your existing arrangements and what they currently do for you, and then show you what your future would look like if you make no changes.

We create a lifetime cash flow forecast* to show how much you will need to accumulate in order to realise and protect your desired future, and then identify the most appropriate solutions to achieve that.

Once in place, we continue to monitor the performance of your arrangements to ensure they continue to meet your desired financial position. We will always take time to ensure that you understand what we are proposing so that you can make clear confident decisions.

Click on each of the elements below to find out more about each stage in the process.

Step 01 - Exploration and Discovery Meeting

Our objective for this meeting is to help you understand your current position, how you feel about risk and to show how you can work towards and attain your desired lifestyle in the future.

We start by asking you a series of structured questions to identify and understand your priorities, goals and concerns and create a timeline, adding in your personal milestones (such as retirement and children’s ages and education). We then analyse your current expenditure and desired future lifestyle and discuss your current financial arrangements; how they help you now and what they can do for you in the future.

This should give us a good starting point for financial planning* and wealth management advice. If you wish to move forward and create a financial plan, we move to Step 2.

This meeting will help you understand your life at this moment, and is a good starting point for any ongoing financial planning and wealth management advice. With your agreement to move forward and create a financial plan, we will move to Step 2.

Step 02 - Analysis

In order to gain a better understanding of your current arrangements, we will contact your existing providers with your authority to obtain further information. Once we have received this we will analyse your overall financial position and create a cash flow forecast* for you.

Step 03 - Presentation of Plan

We will carry out further research and analysis of potential options and produce a detailed report. This will contain clear recommendations and a plan of action on how to achieve the goals identified in Step 1 thus giving you peace of mind about your future financial security.

Step 04 - Implementation

Once both you and your adviser have agreed on the best strategy, Accumulus will carry out the necessary steps to implement it, processing and finalising the relevant documentation.

Step 05 - Ongoing Review Service

As part of our ongoing financial planning and wealth management service, we will review your financial plan regularly to consider your financial position and any market changes. We will discuss the results of the review with you and, if necessary, we will amend your plan to ensure your objectives remain attainable.

Our aim is to build ongoing long term relationships with our clients; however engaging us to provide you with an ongoing service is OPTIONAL.
*Please note that cashflow forecasting and the planning process are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you engage us, we will make clear to you at the time which areas of advice are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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